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The TGS automatic passenger elevators have revolutionized the way vertical transportation has taken shape in modern times. It offers seamless comfortable, elegant, quick and secure mode for vertical transport at high rise buildings. Our elevators are an excellent blend of the state-of-the-art elevator technology mixed up with aesthetic appeal entirely...

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The Awning range of home elevators from TGS is highly customizable and scalable. Uniquely created for installation in homes. These lifts are very much energy efficient and can run on a single phase connection. The aesthetics and intricate charm of these lifts add to aesthetics of all homes. They are very easy in functionality and helpful in maintaining...

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₹ 80,000.00

TGS Vertical Transportation is the reliable solution for transporting your ordinary building traffic from one floor to the other. We also have significant experience installing and maintaining a wide assortment of passenger elevators, both hydraulic and traction. 

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We offer industrial elevators and lifts, which are engineered with components that withstand the harsh environments presented in the industrial sector. Additionally, industrial lifts and elevators from Century Elevators are offered in many dimensions and designs.

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Our organization plays an important role in offering Hospital Elevator. Wings Bed elevators a purpose designed solutions for hospitals and renowned for fine quality and robust performance. A wide range of Car dimensions is available for the varying requirements of a modern hospital. The entire system is safe and reliable operating steadily

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